So I am going on vacation with my family next month. We have not been on a family vacation in four years. I am very exited to say the least. The crazy thing about is where we are going is a surprise. All my mom said was bring your swimming suit. Cool, right. I think so – even if I do not know the destination at all.

Lately I have been fascinated with the idea of destination and movement. Let me explain.

Many times I hear people and they say “I wish I was at that point,” “man I cant wait for the day I am married and I do not have worry about this stuff,” or “I cannot wait to be at the point where I do not…struggle with that anymore (you fill in the blank).

Well here is some ultra legit news. There is no such thing arriving at a destination and your struggle going away. It just will not happen. Every married guys I talk to say marriage does not fix your struggle weather it is with porn, masturbation or you name it. You will not arrive at a point in which this stuff just magically disappears.

Maybe instead of worrying about arriving at a destination in which we do not struggle we should be more focused on today. Wherever you are at with your junk you have two clear choices every day 1) move away from your struggles 2) move back to your struggles. It is great to have a destination in mind however if you do not focus on today then how are you going to get anywhere.

I have a friend who has struggled with porn pretty hardcore in the past. Every single day of his life he says this prayer to God while lying in bed in the morning: “God, I ask you to be my strength today, I cannot do this alone, keep me away from pornography.”

A simple question to ask yourself today is: Am I moving away from my junk or right back to it? Where am I moving? Am I fighting today? The challenge is to ask yourself these questions every day and realize that you cannot do it alone. You need God and you need others to keep you accountable and carry you on your journey.

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>>> The below video is funny and inspiring. He really has never masturbated and I do not think you just get to that point. You pursue, you fight for it today.