We talk to a lot of bands in our travels all expressing a variety of opinions and thoughts on things like porn and sex. In the Voices series we have had the privilege of interviewing 18 bands (so far).  Some of their views we agree with and some we don’t.  Some are Christian and some aren’t.  In this video Levi makes the comment that porn is “ok.”  We clearly don’t agree with this opinion as we beileve any porn is too much porn. Regardless, we are grateful to Levi and all of these artists for taking the time to hang with us and talk about these things no matter what their opinions may be.

In this episode of Voices we talk to Levi Benton from Miss May I.  Watch the video and let us know what you think.



The biggest thing is the ladies thing, especially when you’re in a band. I’ve been with the same lady since before I was in a band and now we’re engaged. I see everything around me and girls are definitely throwing themselves out there after shows. For me it’s knowing I have someone at home and I don’t really want to mess that up because I got something at home. That and drugs are a really big thing on tour.

Thoughts on porn:
It’s mixed thoughts and my lady is probably going to disagree but I feel like it’s just another form of entertainment. I don’t think it should be as bashed as much as it’s bashed. For some people, it’s like their favorite entertainment. I know it gets a lot of bad beef and everything. For me, I have a lady so I can’t really do that, that’s not my cup of tea. As a whole I think it’s another form of entertainment. I think its messed up it gets so much bad beef because to me there’s so many other forms of entertainment that I think are worse than that. They’re just trying to make people happy and they’re happy doing it.

What would your lady say?
She thinks it’s the worst thing ever, she thinks its disgusting. I know it looks like that to some people but to me as like a job and financial thing it’s just another form of how they entertain people. I’m pretty set on her. I don’t mess up on tour. I’m just excited to go home.

Have you seen signs of porn addiction?
It’s a weird thing. I do have friends who I feel are not addicted, just little pervs. I don’t think it’s a big thing to be addicted to. I guess if you’re feeling like watching it then watch it. I don’t think threes a way to get addicted to it. Like I said, I think it’s just another form of entertainment. If they don’t have a lady to go home to at night, then whatever makes them happy I guess. They’re not hurting anybody.

Sex in music:
The worst thing is that that’s what sells T-shirts. If they put a naked girl on it or the F word, it’s like it instantly sells. It sucks and its cheap money but people like it. Walking around Warped tour and seeing like a 14 year old girl wearing a T-shirt with a naked girl and the F word on it just sucks. It’s not really filtered for like adults. That’s the only thing that I think is messed up. I don’t think that kind of entertainment is bad; it’s just for a certain age. It’s an 18 and up kind of thing.

What is your advice to girls?
I always think “What would your mother say?” At the end of the day anytime something does happen, it’s like “Oh I have a girl at home”, but at the end of the day I always think what would your mother say?”  If you’re raised right, there’s a lot of things you shouldn’t be doing out there, you should just think about what if your parents saw you wearing that shirt or saw you talking to this guy. I think at the end of the day you should think about “What would your mom say?”