In the music business, especially the Christian industry, I’ve learned many things. One thing always stands out, it’s that people are always watching you. They are so quick to find just that one thing to pin on you and use against you.

When living a Christian life, there is a magnifying glass automatically put on your life. Everyone is so quick to find one little thing wrong in your life because now you must be “above reproach”, when the reality is, everyone has something wrong in their life. Can you name anyone that has everything just perfect in their life? I can’t, it doesn’t exist. It takes an immense amount of faith, work, patience, and willingness to obey in order to just live a life pleasing to God. When I was delivered from my porn addiction, I was very open about it because I wanted to let everyone know that God is very real and He still does miracles every day. I knew that it was impossible to do it myself so I put my faith in God and he was faithful to me.

As you can imagine there was some shock and judgement that came upon me due to my confession, but it was something God calls us to do. Point is, people always search for something to pin on you and you need to make sure you are polished and living a life pleasing to God. However, realize that no one is without sin and trial in their life. That’s one of the reasons why you should never be “content” with your Christian walk, always study your Bible and learn about God, and with that you will be an example to those around you and they will see the light of Christ shine through you.

Mat Slagle