We’ve all heard the phrase, “dress to impress,” but just because we are all familiar doesn’t mean we all agree on what that looks like. More importantly, some of us might desire to “impress” all the wrong people and if you know where I’m headed with this, good. I’m talking about girls dressing to impress boys; men who look at a woman’s body as a sex object and not a creation of God. Our bodies are something to be respected and if we aren’t respecting them first, how is a man supposed to?

Mini skirts, booty shorts, black pushup bras under lace shirts, dresses that cover a girl’s cheeks, barely – I feel like I just spelled out my teenage cousin’s wardrobe. These clothes are supposed to make us feel good about ourselves, feel beautiful. At least that’s what magazine and television and all other media scream at us, right? Wrong. It’s so wrong and the fact that girls are falling for it, falling for what the “man” says is sexy, breaks my heart.

I’d like to call it an epidemic (but who am I to make that claim) that the number of girls wearing next to nothing is growing and their age, getting younger and younger. Fourteen-year-old girls look 18 and it honestly freaks me out but it’s because the way they dress and the amount of make-up they smear on their face. I feel like young girls are rushing through their youth, something no one should do. What happened to innocence? What happened to overalls? Ok, so that last questions is kind of a joke, but only kind of. I want overalls to make a comeback because they are adorable, not just because they do a good job of covering you up, but that’s beside the point.

Single ladies, I’m in your boat and I know things can be frustrating. Our desire to be wanted can take control and we think selling ourselves visually will do the trick. We just have to keep reminding ourselves that we are all beautiful in our own way and the amount of skin we reveal does nothing but tear that beauty down.

Let’s go back to that word I threw out there earlier, respect. What do you do to outwardly express your respect for yourself? If you’re drawing a blank, I challenge you to make it the way you dress yourself and the way you choose to carry yourself around your friends and more importantly, around boys. 

Right when we let that wall of respect down is right when we let guys in to objectify what and who we are. We are one of a kind, irreplaceable, unique beings who have purpose and abilities to change the world. If you don’t believe that, this whole piece I’ve written for you.

It’s not okay to sell yourself short and I see it far too often. You may be asking yourself, “What does this girl know?” I know too many stories of girls being taken advantage of, touched or hit on because they chose to put themselves out there, exposing lots of skin under little clothing. If you’re shaking your head, you either know what I mean or you’ve experienced what I’m saying first hand. And this is me telling you that it’s time for a change … of clothes.

Speaking of new clothes, it’s all about the latest trends and wearing what the celebs are. It’s fall so pea coats are back on the trending list, floral prints are “in” so I’ve heard and yadda yadda. With a new season comes a new look and luckily it’s getting cold so we all have to bundle up but what about spring a summer? Those are the months when we wear less because it’s so dang hot! Booty shorts become all the rage and strapless, deep, sweetheart cut dresses are the “it” item at all the popular shops. So revealing, right? I believe we can still wear cute clothes in the warmer months and still be modest. We can’t let what’s trending dictate our sense of style but if we like wearing what is “in,” wear it with class. I think mini skirts and little dresses can send mixed signals to men but if we are confident it what we wear and how we are wearing it, I think men notice and respect that. Just know that what you wear makes a huge impression on the people around you. Be stunning, not promiscuous. Why? Because you have the choice and it’s no one but yours to make.

So, if you take anything away from all of this, I hope it’s that you know you are lovely. YOU are beautiful and I really want you to wrap your head around that. Beauty isn’t defined by man, so stop dressing to impress them.

Wear what your worth, more!