deserveThere are days when I doubt that God’s grace could cover my sins. How could God ever forgive me when I’ve disobeyed and rebelled against him. Is there enough grace to cover my continual rebellion? 

I’m just like the Israelites in Psalm 78. Over and over again, they claimed they would follow God and put him first, but each time they wound up turning away from him, back to their old, comfortable ways.

They didn’t keep God’s covenant, or promise; they refused to keep his commandments, and forgot all the wonders God had done in their lives.

So what did God do?

 “He split rocks in the wilderness and gave them drink abundantly.” (vs 15)

This wasn’t enough for them. Sounds familiar. How frequently do I say the gifts God gives aren’t enough? If only I had this or that, then I would be satisfied. This is me, in rebellion, and the Israelites did the same thing.

Yet God showed them more grace. 

They continued to sin and even tested God. He’d given gave them water, but that wasn’t enough. Now they wanted the food they craved.

What did he do? He opened the heavens and rained down manna, a bread-like substance, for them to eat.

Now that is grace. 

This is one my favorite examples of God’s grace; grace in the form of flaky manna falling from the sky. God’s grace is all about giving us what we do not deserve. 

We don’t deserve anything, but God forgives us (Tweet This!). That is God’s grace in our lives.

Throughout the rest of Psalm 78, the Israelites continues to sin, God gets angry, but then blesses them and gives them grace. The chapter ends by beautifully saying, “with upright heart he shepherded them and guided them with his skillful hand.”

God’s grace cannot run out. It did not run out for the Israelites, and it will not run out for me. Or you.


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