[Editor’s note: Today’s post is an excerpt from “Questions You Can’t Ask Your Mama About Sex” by Craig Gross and Mike Foster]

QUESTION: I think I am pregnant. I don’t know how it happened. I was told I could not get pregnant if it was my first time. How can I hide this from my parents?

I’m sorry you were given such bad information regarding the possibility of getting pregnant your first time. This is the type of confusion that causes people to make inappropriate decisions. However, the greater issue is not how you got pregnant, but that you want to hide this matter from your parents.

It is understandable that you would be apprehensive about telling them the truth. That is a normal fear. It’s likely they will be disappointed in your situation, scared for your future, and may not be able to trust you to make the right decisions for a while. It will be a difficult time. But being pregnant does not cause God to love you any less. He loves you more now than ever, and he loves the child that is developing inside of you, too. I encourage you to confess your past wrongs and mistakes to God, and then move beyond them and get back into a healthy decision-making process.

The first good decision you need to make right now is to begin taking the best possible care of the child inside of you. To do this, you need to tell your parents–and his parents–about this immediately. If you need to take a youth pastor, teacher, coach, or trusted adult with you for support, then that’s great. But tell them today! They need to know so they can assist you with the next step.

Second, schedule a doctor’s appointment today. Let the doctor examine your health and the baby’s. Prenatal vitamins, ultrasounds, governmental medical assistance for mothers and children, and possible insurance coverage are all elements that your folks need to help you with as soon as possible. And if they won’t help you, find someone who will!

Finally, ask God for health and strength. Acknowledge that you missed the mark. Get beyond the past by committing and dedicating this child to God. He will lead you and guide you in every step of the journey.

When you think about all of this today. I know it seems overwhelming. And God knows it’s overwhelming. This feeling of desperation is just one of the feelings that God wanted to protect you from by establishing his instructions for purity. On the other hand, the enemy will try to convince you that you will never succeed and you will never live a normal life. This is FALSE! There are many women, men, and children who were adversely affected by an unplanned pregnancy and still succeeded in accomplishing their goals and dreams. Will it be easy? No. Is it possible? Yes! Will you succeed? YES.

Our prayers are with you and your child.