OK. Let’s see what we’ve got this week…

1) Let’s start with some good news. It would appear that Google, BT are going ot be proactive (although honestly, it seems pretty reactive) to the overwhelming issue concerning child porn on the internet. I’ll be curious to see what they come up with. (Independent).

2) Did you know that 46.6 of all women masturbate? “Thanks” (cough) to a “song” by Sarah Silverman (featuring Will.i.am) that issue is being brought back to light being that her song talks about…well…this: “’Stay at home,’ she continues, ‘order in, watch a movie, then masturbate.’ She smokes some weed. She waters her plants. She follows a few B-list celebs on Twitter. She gets stoned again. She watches some [name of a porn site] on her iPhone.”  I continue to be amazed by how casual artists are with lyrics being that kids listen to them but my (main) point here is this: If nearly half of all women are masturbating and a lot of them are watching porn in order to do so, why is it being seen as “self-love” as opposed to a disturbing epidemic? If someone preferred to isolate themselves rather than be around people, we’d say that’s a symptom of depression, right? Please discuss.

3) I’m not sure if you’ve been following the rape case out of Portland where four young men raped to girls (one only 12) at a house party (where were the parents?!?). As if that’s not sad enough, it was video taped, posted on FB and a *middle school teacher* found it. When I was a teen mom director in high schools, “trains” (one girls with multiple guys) was like…lunchtime to a lot of kids. Why are more and more children finding *rape* (RAPE) to be a form of entertainment? Because it’s horrific to do the act but there’s something pretty demented about watching it (and posting it) too. (Huffington Post)

4) OK, I’m actually going to include this link because her nonchalance about it is…something to see for yourself. I checked out an interview posted on Huffington Post where a porn actress (calling them “porn stars” never sat well with me) is talking about how her dad said that due to the fact that she does porn, it has ruined the experience for him. I wonder if she ever thought to connect the dots between him having it in the home and her doing it now. Hmph. I will say this, though: There is someone who we helped to get out of the industry that I only recently realized I used to watch back in my porn viewing days. It definitely is sobering when you see that they are flesh and blood and not some blow-up doll.

5) And finally, one of my running “jokes” with my male friends is that in the Bible, *rarely*, are women warned about men but just in Proverbs 5 and 6 alone, men are warned every which way about women; about what being sexually involved with someone you are not in covenant with can (ultimately) do to you. I thought about that again when I read the article “Tough Love: Male Spiders Die for Sex”: “But when he took a closer look, Schwartz realized males were dying after a single mating. The females weren’t killing the males; the males were dying on their own, Schwartz said.” Male spiders are making  sexual choices that are causing them to take their own life. Just something to think about, fellas. (Yahoo)

Have a good rest of the week, y’all.