Last week one of our new interns arrived from the U.K. His name is Giles. We were sitting in the office talking and he said something that took me back and made me think, “Who is God to you today? Is He your provider? Is He nurturing you? Is He teaching you? Who is He to you?”

This is something that I often time forget. God is not just one thing. He is EVERYTHING. He can be one thing to you this minute, and a totally other thing to you the next. God moves. God is not a stagnate God.

This is a concept that I had not thought on deeply until Giles asked that question. It made me realize that God is not one – dimensional. There is so much to God that we will NEVER understand.

I write this for many reasons. One, it is just nice sometimes to write about something besides porn… I am sure you like reading something besides porn blogs on here sometimes. Second, this fits into your struggle with porn! So many e – mails that I receive everyday ask the question, “Why would God do this to me?” They want to know why God would temp them. My answer is that God does not tempt. That is the work of Satan. BUT I would challenge you to see how God is working through your struggle. God uses all things to the good. So I would ask you to try to see how God is using this struggle to actually strengthen you. Because God is constantly teaching, He is constantly changing, He is constantly loving. Even in your times of struggle.

So, who is God to you today?