Such a simple statement is not always such an easy answer. The fear of judgment, ridicule; even the idea of being vulnerable is sometimes downright scary. Without a doubt, all of us have been confronted with this, and at times have chosen the easy way out and to put up the fake face. Again, it’s scary to be real.

As we trend across this current generation and culture, the value I see being held by teens and their peers is the value of authenticity. Teens are fed up with fake people. They have been betrayed and tossed aside all too often by those they thought were being real with them. Teens have been dismissed, whether by a loved one or someone they thought they were close to. Coming from a broken home, I get this.

There is a choice then that we have to make: do we choose the path or authenticity, thus sharing the real me with those we know and love, or choose the path most traveled, and put up the facade?

If we are surrounding ourselves with those who love us, value us; share common interests and goals, should we not be completely transparent with them? Should we not open our entire lives to them? Sure, this has implications beyond what we share on this site, and perhaps even in our own spiritual journeys. But let’s focus in on what goes on here: if we are in the gutter, would we not want someone to reach their hand out and pull us out? I have to say, if I was getting dirty, I would reach back for that hand.

Maybe I am off here, but something tells me I am on point. If the value is authenticity is held highest above all, then this should be a focus of ours. Imagine your relationships becoming more full every day, as you share your whole life with one another. Not just the stuff that looks good, but the stuff that shakes your soul to the core. Yeah, I know; it’s scary… but it’s real.