Dudes and dudettes I love wikipedia. I have it on my phone and look up everything. I pass a building that has awesome architecture or see a company name at the airport. I wiki-ed it. You know you might as well, right at your finger tips.

I came across this article and then wiki Samson. Such a familiar story for many of us. The image is by Rembrandt (not the toothpaste), not some randomness, just fyi…he is famous painter, I wiki-ed it. Actually I didn’t but I could have…wiki on bros…

Today see the story of Samson with this on your heart and lips “when I am weak, then I am strong.” 2 Cor

BY JOE DALLAS – http://www.everymansbattle.com/articles.asp?id=517

He was strong and impressive; a clever Nazirite who could spin
riddles, destroy lions barehanded and conquer a thousand men with a
donkey’s jawbone. He was Samson, and he was not to be messed with. Yet
this man of strength eventually found himself tied up, blinded and put
to work at a grindstone like a common mule. What happened? Compromise.

Samson was bound by a vow to abstain from drinking wine, eating
unclean meat, and cutting his hair. So long as he was faithful to this
vow of separation, he retained his strength. But when presented with an
aggressive beauty named Delilah, he broke his vow and integrity, never
imagining the nightmare a simple compromise would bring. As soon as he
foolishly told Delilah the secret of his strength, she betrayed him to
the Philistines, who immediately tied him up, gouged out his eyes, and
put him to hard labor.

Strength came from faithfulness to God’s design of separation. Your own Delilah doesn’t care any more about you than Samson’s did.
Whatever your weakness may be – pornography, commercial sex, affairs or
anonymous encounters – you can be sure it will only weaken and betray
you. Look what it’s done so far. Look at how it’s affected your
confidence, your judgment, your general ability to perform. Be honest
about this. Has sexual sin done anything for you, other than to weaken
and limit you?

Compromise came from breaking from God’s design and his own integrity. That needn’t be the end of your story. When Samson allowed his hair to
grow back, his strength returned. And with it came a determination to
once and for all destroy the enemies who had so brutally kept him from
his potential.

If his compromise mirrors your own, take heart. Because his final
victory can mirror yours as well. I hope you’ll begin by recognizing
that, apart from a consecrated relationship with God, you’re very much
like Samson at his weakest. But in returning to Him through repentance
and a commitment to knowing Him and His will for you, your spiritual
and emotional potential will return as surely as Samson’s hair grew

Unleashing Samson involved repenting and waiting for his power to return. Unleashing Samson was a simple as repenting and waiting for his power
to return. So take heart if you’ve allowed yourself to become a
compromised man. Your compromise has been foolish and destructive, to
be sure. But your potential, like Samson’s is still waiting to be