We just rolled out our 6th video in our “Voices” series. It is with Juliet Simms from Automatic Loveletter.  Her band played Warped tour this summer and she recently was on the NBC show “The Voice”.  Check out the video & what she has to say below.

Struggles on the road as a woman in the music industry.  

Juliet Simms: Some of my struggles on the road…I’ve been touring for a good seven years, something like that, and at first, starting off…you get beaten up, it’s a man’s world. You have to be a strong person to survive this and I’ve had to deal with band dudes hitting on me nonstop thinking “oh she’s a girl, she’ll sleep with me automatically”, but you have to build a strong foundation around yourself and not give in to the factor of “maybe if I hook up with this guy I can get on this tour”. Being a slut is no bueno. Don’t do it. 

Thoughts on the porn industry. 

Juliet Simms: My thoughts on the porn industry…I feel it degrades our planet. It degrades women, it degrades the beauty of love making and it just puts out there just dirtiness. I just personally don’t watch it, I mean I’ve accidently seen it. Women, what are you doing? You give us a really bad name. Respect yourselves for God sakes. 

How much do you seen porn and promiscuity in the music scene?

Juliet Simms: With my friends’ bands that I hang out with, some of them date porn stars or go to strip clubs. There’s constant porn everywhere in the music scene because with rock stars, it’s just like that. I feel bad for the girls that walk on the bus every night and are being led to the back lounge. I can’t help but feel like “What are you doing?” I kind of come off as a bitch with groupies because if you’re going to lower yourself to say you slept with so and so in so and so band, if you’re going to lower yourself, then I’m going to treat you like that. Again, have some respect. 

Female musicians using their bodies/looks in music. 

Juliet Simms: Here’s the thing; there are not a lot of us out there and women are hot. People are going to say it. If you’re pretty and you’re in a band people are automatically going to be attracted to you and want to maybe touch you (laughs). Like its Warped Tour in the summer and I’m walking around in a bikini top, so sue me. Yeah I have a risqué music video but I didn’t go and f*** a bunch of people after or before. 

Advice to girls.

Juliet Simms: My advice to girls coming to shows wanting to hook up with band members… and the band members aren’t going to like me for saying this, I’m going to get reprimanded…they’re going to f*** you and leave you. Save yourself the heartache and the heartbreak and don’t do it. Sorry boys!