There are few quotes you will hear in your life that are more accurate than this one by Pastor Judah Smith, pastor of the City Church in Seattle, Washington. Pastor Judah uses this phrase in a sermon concerning the dealing with areas of sexual sin in our lives. These sins come like a flood and seem to consume and overwhelm every part of us while seemingly leaving zero light at the end of the tunnel. In the midst of your struggle, this may be the exact thing you needed to hear to bring comfort and hope to your present situation.

          One thing I want to point out about this quote right away, is that I whole-heartedly believe this quote says far more about the weakness of man apart from God, rather than the brute overwhelming strength of sin and evil. John chapter 15 makes it very clear that the life we experience as branches is directly connected to our relationship with the vine. Apart from God we have nothing and apart from Him we can do nothing. God desires that we be connected to Him in every area of life, because He knows that that connection is the pipeline of supply to our lives. That relationship connection is where our hope, joy, love, satisfaction and victory come from.

          When we discover an area of our life that sin has managed to creep into, our first reaction is often to go straight to damage control. We make a mad dash for the sin extinguisher to try and calm the flames of destruction for the sake of appearance. We frivolously throw band aids on the gaping holes this sin is causing in our lives all the while assuring ourselves that if we can just outlast it, it will eventually just go away. There’s only one thing wrong with this philosophy, and that is that it never goes away. It may go into partial hibernation for a day, or maybe number of days or weeks, but eventually there it is again, right back in our face rearing its ugly head.

          The funny thing about control is that it was never meant to be ours in this arena. It’s true that God created us with the ability to choose right and wrong in life, but He did not design us with the natural capabilities to deal with all that sin is. He created us to be dependent on Him, and to lean on Him when sin pushes so that it can be the mighty strength of our Heavenly Father that pushes back with full force. Paul said that he boasted in his weakness, because that’s when the power of Christ was truly shown in all of its power.

          While it may be true that we are no match for sin, it’s also true that sin is no match for the power of Christ working in and through our lives completely surrendered to Him. No matter what sin you bicker and wrestle with, Jesus alone is the answer; today, tomorrow and forever.