Lately I’ve been reading about temptation, suffering, sin, and grace, and it came in handy when I experienced grace during a stressful week.

I saw my husband graciously take my car to get it fixed, even when I had been irritable and anxious.

We are learning to live under grace as we are suffering during the trial of my husband losing his job and looking for work.

I watched grace happen in the life of a work friend who is battling ALS/Lou Gehrig’s, and my friend’s dad as he struggles with cancer, and my granny with dementia.

Then during small group, it hit me. We all went around and took turns defining grace at the level a child could understand. You can’t use big, spiritual, deeply theological words, so you use their language. Pictures and life stories to show them what grace is.

Funny thing is: the word “kindness” kept coming up. Because grace is showing kindness to someone who hurt you. Forgiving someone who has not forgiven you. Loving your enemy.

I finally was starting to see it. Grace is the endurance to withstand the hard heat, the heat of the pressure, the strength to make it through the day. Grace isn’t just available that one time back when you were saved, although that in itself was a miracle! Grace is there all the time! When we need it the most and when we don’t think we need it at all!

Grace helps me to pray.
Grace opens my eyes to new views and angles of God.
Grace is what happens when someone smiles at you and lets you go in front of them, opening the door to a new opportunity.
Grace is very necessary for my heart and soul, but my mind has to run to ask for it in almost every situation.

Grace just happens, that’s it!TWEET THIS!


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