1attheboxoffice-blog-postWhen the movie 50 Shades of Grey was released in February it set an all time record for box office sales for that month.

Because the movie (and book series) deals with the topic of sex we of course felt that it was our responsibility to offer some healthy discussion around this subject. Especially since 50 Shades of Grey (dubbed by many as “mommy porn”) has gained so much traction in the mainstream culture.

I actually took my wife to see the movie so I could offer some fair commentary (and no it was not our date night). You can read my movie review here.

Shellie R. Warren also did a series of posts on this topic. You can read any of those listed below:

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But now the box office phenomenon has come home via on-demand and it is setting records yet again. In light of this fact I thought we’d share something else with you.

I was invited to speak at church on Sunday on this very topic. Please watch and enjoy. Then let us know your thoughts in the comments.

* If you want to download the audio version click here.




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