Is Masturbation Addiction Real?

Is masturbation addiction real ?

Let’s be honest: this is the question that’s run through just about everyone’s mind at some point. From the squeakiest clean church kid to the most wayward and world-wise adult, this very bit of wonderment wanders occasionally through the halls of our understanding.

So if you’re asking yourself, “Is masturbation an addiction real?,” know that you aren’t the only person who has that question. Plenty of other people have wondered the same thing.

So that’s the question before us: is masturbation addictive? Or, to put it another way, is masturbation addiction real?

The answer, as you may have already guessed, depends greatly on two things: how much you masturbate and why.

The second being much more important than the first.

The key to whether or not your behavior qualifies as addictive lies in the answer to that question: why do you masturbate? What’s the thing lying underneath the behavior that causes you to seek that release? What are you hoping to achieve by masturbating? Is it more than just an orgasm?

Of course these questions don’t have easy answers, and they require you to look deeply – perhaps even uncomfortably – within yourself in order to provide truthful responses. But it’s necessary if you’re going to answer that all-important question in a personal way: Is masturbation addictive?

Besides wondering if masturbation addiction is real, if you’re wondering whether you personally are addicted, we’ve developed this masturbation addiction test that you can take, right now, for free.

Check it out. Get free. Get answers.

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