xxxchurch - Survey Says … Complete Freedom Is PossibleA little over a week ago we asked our audience to complete a short survey.

I wanted to say thanks if you took the time to fill that out. If you didn’t get to it, no worries – you still can if you want to.

Either way, though, I thought it might be interesting to share a little bit of the feedback we got from that questionnaire.

First of all – the overwhelming majority of those who helped us out do still believe and agree that complete freedom from pornography addiction is possible.

That’s good news! We believe that too.

We’ve seen it and from the sound of things, quite a few of the folks who responded are walking in that freedom right now. If that’s you – awesome – I hope you continue to and I hope we can continue to help.

If that’s not where you’re at though – if maybe you’re in a place that feels helpless, depressed or anxiety-laden, I want to stress that you’re not alone either.

Maybe you don’t believe me (“loneliness” was high up on the list of reasons for using pornography). Maybe you don’t believe there’s an answer…

I think there is and I think it’s rooted even deeper than the pornography itself. I know that’s another major area of interest so far in the survey: what’s the real problem? We’re always doing what we can to root out the real issue and bring those things to light and develop new and better ways of serving you who want to join us on the journey to freedom.

That said, thanks again for helping us out. I think we’ve got some great stuff that seems right in line with what people are looking for and I’ll send it your way if you sign up for these 3 FREE videos.

I believe it can make all the difference.

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