We are all excited that the NFL’s regular season is now under way and we know you are too. A Lot of you have been talking about how Manning is going to work out in Denver or if RG3 is really the most athletic QB ever. The rest of you have just been tweaking your fantasy teams. Football can be distracting, lets see if we can get you caught up on all the stories here you may have missed.

This week Kevin must have been listening to Salt and Pepa’s “Lets Talk About Sex” because he wrote a great blog about what he wished his parents would have shared with him during the “talk”. Joel wrote a thought provoking blog about being a man. Does it me you have to be a good mechanic? Eat meat as rare as possible? See what he had to say about being a real man. For those of you who are new to the site you may not know that we have a section devoted to those who struggle with same sex attraction.

This week on Facebook we talked about all kinds of different issue. We asked what you would do if you caught a co-worker looking at porn while on duty. We were looking for your input on a slogan for a hearse we acquired. Some of you said it needs to say “Porn Kills Marriages” or ‘Don’t Let Porn Bury You”. Head over know your ideas. If you not a fan just follow the link and click like.

Our Tweet of the week is “Lettin’ the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier ‘n puttin’ it back in.” #selfcontrol

Your week can get busy and out of control. We want to encourage you to keep pushing forward. Stay in touch with your accountability partner and never put yourself in a position where you can stumble. We love each and everyone of you. Until next week……