Parenting today is no easy task, especially when it comes to addressing topics regarding sex and sexuality.  Every year, the clothes, movies, music videos, games and TV shows marketed to our kids becomes more provocative.  Society tells our little girls that their prime value rests in being “sexy”, and our boys are taught to view girls as sex objects.  More and more children and young adults are seeking help for addiction to pornography and issues relating to acting our sexually.

We want to remind you that we at hope to be a resource to you as you confront these troubling trends and as you aim to protect your children from exposure and addiction to pornography.  In the parent’s section of our site, we address a number of critical issues (like sexting, cyberbullying, online safety, gaming and pornography), we have subject-based video resources, tips regarding having “The Talk” with your kids, recommended books and an area where you can submit your questions for our subject-experts to respond to.

A snapshot of some of our Pornography Tips:

  • Recognize that kids want and need adult guidance about sex.
  • Watch out for teachable moments.
  • Understand that pornography is not just for boys.
  • Use parental controls, especially a filter.  Monitoring software, like X3watch (, can help provide accountability in your home. It monitors where your kids go and will send you information on any questionable sites your child visited, via email.   Filtering software, like SafeEyes ( will block pornographic content on your home computer.  SafeEyes also has features for mobile devices.
  • Ask your kids if they have ever seen something online that made them uncomfortable or curious.  Ask them if they have accidentally seen sexual pictures online.  If they have seen pornography, ask them how they came across it, what they saw and how it made them feel.  Talk to them about whether their friends are looking at pornography.
  • Help your children to understand that you are here to help.  Do not embarrass or shame them.  If your kids are struggling with this content, they need your support and love to help them through.