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I’ve uncovered my dad’s stash of porn on his iPad several years ago. The past month, I came up to my mom and asked if she knew. She said she did and told me that my dad has been trying to repent but has always slipped back to his old ways. It pains me to see him this way, so helpless, but my mom told me not to tell anyone. Other than praying, what can I do?

First of all, I think you are an awesome son or daughter.   Being pained about someone else’s struggles and sin is a trademark of compassion.

I think if your mom told you not to tell anyone else then you need to respect that.   Your dad apparently told her or she confronted him and it sounds like they are working on it.   Have you thought about talking to your dad directly?

We have so many resources in the GET HELP section that you could share with him!



Pre teen boys purity

Is your 3xpure course appropriate for a father and 12 yr old son? Thank you!

You would be the best one to determine that and I would say it depends on two things– the maturity of the 12 year old and whether or not he has already been exposed to porn.

You may decide to consider the Pure Sex curriculum for youth.

My son

I am recently widowed. I have a 13 yr old son. I have no reason to suspect that he is participating in porn, but I am concerned for the temptation. I have talked with him about why it is unhealthy and why he would be drawn to it. Is there anything out there that I can do to block sites on my internet at home? He doesn’t have internet on his phone, but he does have accessibility to wifi. Thank you.


First,  I am sorry for your loss.  It must be terribly hard to lose your husband and be forced into single parenting.  I have just said a prayer for you. To answer your question, yes!  X3watch Premium software will provide both accountability and filtering!  A wise wise move on your part.  Good job!

You may also be interested in iParent.TV to keep you in the know with all things tech for parents raising kids in a internet world.

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