This time of year our schedules are filled with Christmas plays, parties, shopping and cooking. We are so focused on getting everything ready for the perfect Griswold Family Christmas we lose focus on what Christmas is really about. It’s all about the birth of Jesus.

Speaking of giving  birth our bloggers birthed some great blogs this week. Paul wrote about how porn makes us focus on ourselves.  Rissi gave us a great article talking about how porn makes her scared for her daughter. She says “Porn culture tells us that a woman’s value lies between her legs, on her chest, and behind her and that men should be “players” and  sleep with as many women as possible and not care who he hurts in the process.” Over on our men’s section Jeff got out of control with his new blog.

We even shared a story of how we were able to help a teenager and their mom deal with the problems of pornography. We even posted a link so you can make a year end donation to help us continue to help those who struggle with porn.

Make plans now to join us Sunday for online services. Jake will deliver another powerful message. Not only do you get to hear a great message and music you have the get to talk and pray with one of our staff members.

All of us here at XXXChurch would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! As always we Thank You for your love and support!

Steve Oh