We all get busy and miss things. I know in my own life sometimes I get tied up doing so many things I sometimes miss the things that help keep me grounded. I once read that “if the devil cant make you bad he will keep you busy”. One thing I have found to help me keep focus is instead of saying “I don’t have time” I replace it with  “it’s not a priority.” Just switching those words helps me stay focused on what I need to do in my life to stay porn free and accountable. Hope those words inspire you this week. But we know you do get busy and miss things so lets catch you up. 

We are excited to announce that on November 4 we will begin Sundays Live. We will have a live experience online including worship music, teaching, and live chat. This week Jon used the verse “very truly I tell you, everyone who sins is a slave to sin” (John 8:34 NIV) to talk about finding true freedom from porn. On the women’s blog Shellie asks “Is the church, in general, respectful of sex (and sex body parts) or *scared* of it?” “Is vagina a dirty word?

Over on Facebook we posted pictures of the “new” pornmobile and a new t-shirt that goes along with the pornmobile theme. We also had some great discussions about God’s unconditional love and character. We even have a post about our first event in Belfast. Head over now and check out these and many more great stories. 

Tweet of the week: FUN X3 FACT: Did you know that people in Malawi South Africa spent and average of 11 minutes on the X3 website in September!

We hope you have a great weekend and we are looking forward to another exciting week to come. Remember you can also join us on Pintrest and Google+

Steve Oh