Here we go again with another weekly re-cap! We are not going to get into the American Idol feud between Niki and Mariah and we are not going to talk the Presidential debates. We are not even going to bring up the fact that Facebook now has (in our Dr.Evil voice) 1 billion users. Instead we are going to get you caught up on the blogs and stories that help you stay porn free.

 This week we were stoked to have Josh from Snowbread talk to us about porn and accountability in Episode 12 of Voices.  Shellie filled us in on the new updates for the Xbox 360 that will allow you to view porn. Our good friend Levi The Poet talked about getting to the Root Of The Issue. Levi lets you know that “Jesus loves you enough to attack your roots”.

Over on Facebook we got to take a look at the NEW Pornmobile which will be the best one ever! We had great conversations about responsibility and keeping things real. We also shared a great song called “Black Tears” that will touch your heart. Had an article about how women are making porn fashionable.

Our tweet of the week is : It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities

Don’t forget that we are also on Google+ and Pintrest. We cannot say thank you enough to those who support our ministry. We would not be able to reach out and help others with out you! 

We even have a bonus for you this week. In celebration of Columbus Day if you head over to and use coupon code: Columbus you will receive $20 off any workshop of your choice.

Until next week…..


Steve Oh