With so many great things happening in this ministry it can be hard to keep track of it all.  There was our trip down under … Strip Church Training in Dallas … the Porn Kills Tour … and most recently the video launch of Sincerely Freedom  by Nick Vitellaro with over 160,000 views … where do we start? 

2013 has been an incredible year and we are anticipating even more exciting things to develop soon!  This being said I’d like to update you on a project we’ve been working on for a little over a year now called X3groups.  

X3groups is our online recovery program where men get the benefit of face to face accountability without having to leave their house.   Honestly, when we launched the pilot program back in February of 2012 with only three groups and about a dozen men we really didn’t know what to expect.  However, we soon realized that we were onto something and pushed forward creating one of the most effective recovery group models of its kind.  Why do I say this?  Here are just a few of the many positive comments we’ve received:

“Have really appreciated my x3group so far! They’ve really welcomed me in and its really helping me on my journey. Will definitely be continuing for quite a while!”

“This is the best step I’ve taken in my recovery. I’m thankful it’s available. It gave me the traction and motivation I needed to seek God fully and to take the steps needed to really change my life.”

“I just want to say that this group has given me far better results than I have obtained with any other group/program/attempts to get over my sexual addiction … The structure, the consistency, and the follow-up from the group leader has been invaluable to me in fighting this addiction.  My relationship with my wife is vastly improved … [and] my temperament around my wife and kids is such much more even-keeled and not so reactive and short.”

“I look forward to this every week. The fellowship that is being formed is invaluable for recovery. God Bless you for all you do.”

Going into next month we are offering men seeking purity 15 different weekly times to choose from and expect to be able to accommodate nearly two hundred men a week by the end of July.  Starting in June our good friend Bernie Anderson will be leading a Tuesday night group as will long time XXXchurch blogger Jeff Fisher.  Both these men have incredible stories of redemption and restoration and will certainly be a huge addition to the existing X3group leadership team.  While Bernie and Jeff’s groups aren’t live yet you can reserve your spot with them right now by signing up at X3groups.com.  Even if their times don’t work for you check out other groups with equally great leaders!  

Listen, if you are still struggling with this thing you need face to face accountability and support.  Don’t put off recovery for another second.  Get plugged into an X3group and start finding sobriety today.