Our theme for May was “Evolution”   If you missed any of the blogs around this theme, below is a compilation for the entire month of May.   We hope you have enjoyed these and that you will join us this month where our theme for June is:  “Action Steps”

Evolution Recap:


Evolution – Freedom

Evolution – Getting Out

Evolution – Beginning of the End

Evolution – A Process or Gradual Change

Evolution – Gabriel’s Story

Evolution – How I Got Here

Evolution – A Bloggers Testimony

Evolution – How Porn Became My Best Friend

Evolution – Sinner or Slave

Evolution – Consumed

Evoluation Resume



Evolution: How Seeds Grow…

Evolution: From Low Self-Worth to Great Value

Evolution: Hurting People Hurt Others

Evolution: My Curiosity Became Addictive

Evolution: I Was Always Curious About Sex…

Evolution: Loneliness Got Me Started.

Evolution: I Can’t Believe This Is My Marriage

Evolution: Setting the Captive Free



Evolution: Accountability – Mike’s Story

Evolution: Eugene’s Story

How Did I End Up Having an Affair?

Dale’s Story

My Daughter’s Gateway to Porn: Video Games

Dear Daddy

I’m a Girl and I Struggle with Porn

Thanks for Porn, Dad.

One Night is One Night Too Many



Helping Porn Pack Its Bags: Paul’s Story

Acceptance At Last: Nick’s Story

Testimony: Joe Lengson

Growth Is Everyday Life: Heidi’s Story

Tate’s Story: A Testimony

Evolution Saved My Life: A Testimony

Marked By Grace (A Personal Testimony)



Evolution – Revolution

Evolution – Soil