Our theme for August was “being open” inspired by my new book “Open.”  If you missed any of the blogs around this theme, below is a compilation for the entire month of August.   We hope that these have been helpful and that you will join us next month where our theme for September is:  “Getting back into the swing of things.”   As we begin the adjustment from summer to fall we will be focusing on topics like back to school, accountability, replacing bad routines or practices with healthy ones, and preparation.  Please check back every day as we will always have something BRAND NEW for you on the home page.


Being Open Is True Masculinity
Being Open Makes for Deeper Relationships
Being Open is Encouraging
Being Open is a Good Thing
Being Open Invites Community
Open: Accountability, Don’t Hide It, Flaunt It
Being Open Leads to Self Confidence
Being Open is About More than Porn

Being Open Is: Accepting All of Yourself
Being Open Is: Being Willing to Create True Intimacy
Being Open Is: True Femininity
Being Open Is: Knowing How to Have Deeper Relationships
Being Open Is: Being Honest with Yourself and Others
Being Open Is: What Will Bring You Closer to God
Being Open Takes Time

Is Being Open Safe?

Being Open Takes Time
Being Open is About More Than Porn
Being Open Builds Intimacy
Being Open is More Than Just Porn
Being Open How Long Does it Take

Open: Pushing Through the Desire to Look the Other Way
Open: Amy’s Story & Family Dinners
I HATE Being Open
The “Porn Talk” & Accountability
Being Open: Josiah’s Story & Masturbation
Going into Marriage with Eyes Wide Open
Dad: Have You Ever Seen Something Bad Online?
“He made me do things I didn’t want to do!”

Pornography is Always Available
Porn Is My Release
Porn is Emotionally Stunting
Porn is Counterfeit
Porn is Isolating
Voices #17 – Toby From Emery
Porn is Like a Drug
Porn Is Dehumanizing

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