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Hello xxx church,

I’m wanting to start a ministry at my church. I want to use the gospel and other forms of knowledge to stop porn addiction, I was curious if you guys had something that would work for this? Such as group workbooks or group videos? Or anything that I could us to try and break this porn addiction in today’s generation. Thank you for your help.

Yes indeed we do!   We have the X3pure online workshop available in DVD format for small groups.

We also have X3groups local packages available for guided small group packaging that includes a leader manual and so much more!


The Scriptural Basis for our X3pure program is as follows:

Paul the apostle wrote in Romans 8:1-2, “Therefore, there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death.” Ultimately, this is the spiritual goal of all men who journey through the X3Pure program: to learn to rely on the unconditional love of God through Jesus Christ instead of on the false love of unwanted sexual behavior. Unwanted sexual behavior encompasses many activities, including pornography, prostitute, or strip club use. Regardless of the nature of the unwanted sexual behavior, sex outside of marriage is ultimately relying on someone or something instead of Godʼs love. We call this reliance idolatry. For the addict, he or she has turned sex into an idol. If we look closely at Exodus 32, when the ancient Israelites lost faith in Godʼs faithfulness and turned to the Golden Calf, we learn that idols will only fail us in our quest for provision and wholeness. Only Godʼs unconditional love, through Jesus Christ, can make us complete. Pornography canʼt do it, and neither can prostitutes or strip clubs. It is X3Pureʼs honor to guide the user through the most important steps needed in order for him to arrive at Godʼs threshold. These steps include acceptance of unwanted sexual behavior, understanding of the nature of change, learning about human physiology, embracing abstinence, locating conditional love, and then ultimately converting that conditional love into the glory and majesty that is Godʼs unconditional love (1 Jn. 4:8). Paul struggled with his own thorn in the flesh, what he called a “messenger of Satan to torment me” (2 Cor. 12:7). Paulʼs answer to this thorn, to this struggle, was not to focus on Godʼs wrath, the same wrath that the Israelites experienced when Moses returned from Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments (Ex. 32:9-10). Instead, Paul focused on the love of God through Jesus Christ. He knew that in his struggle with sin he needed to not only be dead to it, but also alive to God and his faithfulness in Christ Jesus (Rom. 6:11). “If Christ is in you,” wrote Paul, “your body is dead because of sin, yet your spirit is alive because of righteousness. And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit, who lives in you” (Rom. 8:10-11). X3Pure holds precious the principle that all believing Christians have the Holy Spirit. As Christ says in Luke 17:21, “The kingdom of God is within you.” In helping the X3Pure user discover the many layers of idolatry and conditional love that has obscured the Kingdom of God/Holy Spirit within him, we are helping him unleash the most powerful tool he already holds for recovery and a fulfilled life. This process of exposing and enlarging the Kingdom of God/Holy Sprit is seen within our four Recovery Targets. We psychologically examine our feelings (#1) so that we may replace conditionally loving thoughts with the certainty of Godʼs unconditional love (1 Jn. 4:16). We seek, establish, and engage in community (#2) because where two or three come together in Jesusʼ name, he is there with them (Matt. 18:20). We tell the truth, learn to trust ourselves, and hold our territory (#3) because we have been called according to Godʼs purpose, not manʼs purpose (Rom. 8:28). And, ultimately, we develop and explore genuine faith (#4) because genuine faith in Christ Jesus is faith in an unconditionally loving God who is there for you, even to the end (John 3:16). Perhaps the best summary of X3Pure is found in Galatians 6:4. There, Paul writes, “The fruit of the spirit is love. Against such things there is no law. Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the sinful nature with its passions and desires. Since we live by the Spirit let us keep in step with the Spirit.” God is love, and it is when we die into that love through faith in Jesus Christ that we are freed from our destructive behavior, including our unwanted sexual behavior.



Addiction to pornography, masturbation, prostitutes, adultery

HI, I just joined an X3groups and starting tomorrow. Also just signed up for the 30 day video workshop. Now I am feeling very down, and strongly tempted to act out. One problem is loss of belief that yet again another program; fear of it not working, and then I really won’t have any more hope.
Please pray for me. I have been wrestling with this for 37 years since 5th grade when a boy taught me how to masturbate. Then a girl gave me a candy bar and tried to touch me.
I am married to a beautiful woman, and I have a delightful little daughter. I have a successful career, and am the head deacon in my church.
The Lord has been good and gracious to me.
I have actively bounced in and out of sexual addiction recovery groups, Christian and secular, and have even co-lead one for the men in my church.
Then one day one of the guys in our group violated the confidentiality of our relationships by gossiping to others about our identities !
So, since 2010 I have stopped being in men or any fellowship groups due to lack of trust.
The longest I have been sexually sober (no masturbation, no porn and no contact with prostitutes, massage parlors, is 8 months in 2008).
That was done with seemingly the weekly accountability meetings.
My addiction has become accelerated and rampant due to the availability of tablets, smartphones, etc. What worked 7 years ago with my wife password protecting all the computers, and using software to block sites, no longer seem enough. I am hoping to counteract addiction by using the IPad, internet to access my fellow Christians in recovery. I think it’s fantastic that is designed as it is. Sort of remedies eye brain reflexes to this medium. I love the name XXX redefined so that it means something different. Jesus embraced the woman caught in the act of adultery and I too wish to embrace the person’s and not the sin.

We hope that you have found the group to be a place of safety and a place where you can be transparent.   We understand your shame, your lifelong struggle and your fears of failure.    Instead of being full of despair just remember the basics…. one day at a time (tomorrow has worries of it’s own–Matthew 6:34)    Often times it is a lot easier for us to believe GOD for others than it is ourselves but the truth of the matter He is FOR YOU and will give you the strength to press through when you struggle and He will give you the power to overcome what “feels” impossible.   You can’t always trust your feelings but you can always trust your God.

We’re praying for you!

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