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Hello, I have a 16 year old daughter. She was molested at a young age… not sure if its connected or not. However, she struggles occaisionally with pornography and masturbation. She has acted out sexually with giving a blow job to one guy, a hand job to another and is desperate for love and attention. She is wanted to have sex. She is in counseling, being covered in prayer, we went to the Silver ring thing a few weeks ago… She seems to think… she needs to have sex. She begged a guy that she doesn’t even like to meet her behind a church to have sex. Thank goodness I have spy ware on her phone… But I don’t know how to reach her. I’m trying so hard to trust God’s plan for her life. Her counselor is wondering if she has borderline personality disorder. They said too young to diagnose yet… but wondering. Are any of your accountability groups appropriate for her?

Hi Karrie,


Our accountability groups are for adults 18 years and older.   You may want to call Pure Life Ministries ( and see if they offer their at home counseling program to minors.    I do believe that her molestation is part of this but I am not a counselor– just someone who has been through what she has and has done what she is doing.  It’s sad and I commend you for doing all you can to help her.  My parents did nothing.  I was a single mother at your daughter’s age.   God had his hand on me and I know He has His hand on your daughter too.

Best wishes.

Son searching for internet porn in Spanish and on Facebook

I recently discovered by searching my son’s online history, that he was accessing and viewing a lot of porn through Facebook. His first language is Spanish, so he was finding the videos and sites in Spanish, and our OpenDNS filter and NetNanny only caught some of them. He is very repentant, but admits he has been viewing porn for about 2 years. Is there ANYTHING that filters Facebook? Is there anything that filters searches made in Spanish? We are desperate to help him, but he knows it is going to be a long, hard road.

Hi Dawn,

Go to and look in their FAQ and see if your question is answered.  If not submit a question directly to them.  I am not sure of all the ins and outs of software here on the ministry side of X3church.   I know that you can set it up to block anything you want– but that might be facebook altogether.   

I hope this helps.


I have a 15-year-old son who just got a smartphone. I want to make sure that he can’t access inappropriate sites, but the parental restrictions on this Galaxy phone are pretty much non-existent. Also, Verizon offers little help. Is there an app that will monitor and log what he’s on online? Is there something to download that will do a solid job of restricting what he looks at? Thanks for the help.

Check out all the features of X3watch.   As a parent who still has control of what comes into the child’s sphere of influence you are wise to guard his smart phone and teach him the reasons why- modeling that example yourself as well so that he will care for himself the same way once he leaves home.   Accountability shouldn’t stop once we turn 18 

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