Our theme for June was “Action Steps”   If you missed any of the blogs around this theme, below is a compilation for the entire month of June.   We hope you have enjoyed these and that you will join us this month where our theme for July is:  “How do I?” which will focus on some of the top tough questions that many of you have regarding recovery, accountability and confession to help you realize you’re not alone and there are real answers.

Action Steps:


Action Steps – Bible as a Tool of Sobriety

Action Steps – Learning to Make Wise Choices

Action Steps – Setting up Safeguards

Action Steps – Learning to Be Pure

Action Steps – Recognizing I Have a Problem

Action Steps – Guarding My Heart

Action Steps – Sharing Your Struggle

Action Steps – Rewiring the Body & Brain

Action Steps – Counseling

Action Steps – 360 Degrees of Protection

Action Steps – Identify Triggers

Action Steps – Root of the Issue

Action Steps – Letting the Cat Out of The Bag

Action Steps – Travel Strategy



Action Steps – Encouraging Others Along the Way

Action Steps – Sharing Your Struggles w/ Others

Action Steps – Guarding My Eyes

Action Steps – Encouraging Others



Time to Change: Recognizing Porn Triggers

Time to Change: Sometimes Progress Is Slow

Time to Change: Honesty Is the Best Policy

Time to Change: How to Create Safeguards

Time to Change: Cultivating Healthy Relationships

Time to Change: Change Isn’t Easy But…

Time to Change: Dealing with Lukewarm Feelings

Time to Change: I Have Been Changed for Good

Time to Change: Separating My Self-Worth from My Husband’s Addiction



Actions Steps – Confessions to Family / Friends

Action Steps – Identifying the Root Issue

Action Steps – Encouragment

Action Steps – Rewiring Your Body & Brain

Action Steps – I Have a Problem



Action Steps – How a Husband Can Tell His Wife

Action Steps – Telling Your Husband

Action Steps – Guarding My Wife’s Heart

Action Steps – Sharing Your Struggles w/ Your Wife

Action Steps – Saving Your Marriage

Action Steps – Getting Your Husband Help

Action Steps Encouraging Other Spouses



Action Step: Monitor Music Videos

Take Action: Recognize Warning Signs

Action Steps: Staying Pure By Starting Early

Take Action: Stay Educated on the Issue

Action Steps: Protect Your Kids on Facebook

Action Steps: Use Filters & Parental Controls (Pt 1)

Action Steps: Use Filters (Pt 2)

Action Steps: Having the Sex Talk

Action Steps: Looking for Teachable Moments Part 1

Action Steps: Looking for Teachable Moments Part 2



When You Least Deserve It

Guarding Your Eyes

Tips For Fleeing Temptation

Seeking Accountability

Sharing Your Struggle With Others

Digging Up The Roots

Recognizing You Have a Problem