Our theme for March was “Confessions”   If you missed any of the blogs around this theme, below is a compilation for the entire month of March.   We hope you have enjoyed these and that you will join us in April for:  “Quotes” where we will expound on the famous quotes of others.



Confession: I am Afraid to Tell My Wife

Confession: I’m Flirting and Getting Close to an Affair

Confessions – “I’m a Prisoner of My Own Sin”

Confession: I’m Afraid I Can’t Stop This Addiction

Confession: I Pray to God, but I Feel Like He Isn’t Answering

Confession: I Cannot Tell Anyone About My Struggle

Confession: I’ve Taken the Wrong Path

Confession: I am Crossing The Line

Confession – I’ve Cheated

Confession – My Addiction Is Out of Control



Confession: “Is It Wrong to Fantasize About Other Men While Having Sex with My Husband?”

Confession: “I’ve Tried to Get into Porn Since My Husband Likes It But…”

Confession: “I’m a Stripper and I Work with Youth in Church”

Confession: “I Love My Husband But When It Comes to Sex…”

Confession: “My Boyfriend’s into Porn. Should I Marry Him?”

Confession: “Should I Tell My Fiance’ That I Had Sexual Activities with My Ex Even If I Don’t Do It Anymore?”

Confession: “I’m in a Relationship and I Engage in Cybersex with Other Guys.”

Confession: “I Just Don’t See Why Porn Is So Wrong.”

How to Deal with Loneliness When Everyone Else Is in a Relationship




Confessions: I Want to Give Up on Him

Confessions: I Am Afraid to Talk to My Husband About His Porn Use

Confessions: My Husband Looks at Porn

Confession: Our Past Has Affected Our Marriage




Confession: I Am a Pastor and I Cannot Stop Looking at Porn

Confession: When I Travel Away From Church I am a Different

Confession: I Feel Like This Is The End.

Confession: I am Affraid To Tell Anyone About My Sin

Confession: I’m Flirting and Getting Close to an Affair




Confession: I Can Not Tell Anyone of My Struggle

Confessions: I Am Crossing the Line

Confessions: I’m Attracted to People of the Same Sex

Confessions: I’m Afraid I Can Not Stop This Sin




Confession: I’ve Looked at Porn…Duh!

Help! I’m an Enabler!

Fleeing Pornography

Confession Is A Sign of Humility

I’ve Cheated




When Should I Let My Kid on Facebook?

When Should I Talk to My Kid About Porn?

When Should I Talk to My Spouse About Their Porn Habit?

When Should I Talk to Other Parents About Porn?

When Should I Talk to My Kids About Sex?

When Should I Learn About My School’s Internet Use Policy?

When Should I Take Away My Child’s Cell Phone?