Our Theme for February was “Sex + Love = ”   If you missed any of the blogs around this theme, below is a compilation for the entire month of February.  There is a lot of good information here.  We hope you have enjoyed February’s theme and that you will join us this month for:  “Confessions”


Sex + Love = Pressure to Do and Be Sexual

Sex + Love = Unsatisfying Love Life Leading to Porn

Sex + Love = Taking Unhealthy Risks

Sex + Love = Desires to Act Out Growing Stronger

Sex + Love = Highly Emotional Interactions

Sex + Love = Risky Ads in Newspapers & Every Place I Go

Sex + Love = Wanting to Look at Porn

Sex + Love = Feeling I’ll Never Measure Up to the Men in the Romantic Books

Sex + Love = Dealing With Sexy Lingerie Ads

Sex + Love = Feeling Alone/Wanting to Masturbate

Sex + Love = Pressure to be Romantic on Valentine’s Day

Sex + Love = Wanting to Connect With Someone Online

Sex + Love = Feeling Lonely

Sex + Love = Honoring God on Valentine’s Day



How to Deal with Loneliness When Everyone Else Is in a Relationship

Powerful Persuasion: How to Deal with Sexual Pressure

How to Communicate Your Sexual Needs to Your Spouse

How to Avoid Hooking Up with a Past Partner for Sentimental Reasons

Intimacy, Marriage and Baby…Oh My!

Valentine’s Day (and This Weekend) Is Nothing to Get Worked Up About

How to Avoid Letting Chick Flicks and Romance Novels Depress You This Week

How to Be Romantic with Your Mate Without Making Them a Porn Star

How to Avoid the Cycle of Guilt for Past “Love Mistakes”

How to Rekindle Lost Romance (While Married)



Sex + Love = Feeling Unloved

Sex + Love = Honor God this Valentine’s Day

Sex + Love = Boundaries

Sex + Love = God’s Design of Love in a Commercialized Season

Sex + Love = Losing the Romance

Sex + Love = Pressure to Do and Be Something Sexual

Sex + Love = Pressure to Do Something Sexual

Sex + Love = Competing with Sexy Commercials



Pressure From Friends to Go All The Way/Setting Standards

Setting Boundaries With Your BF/GF

The Pressure to Go All The Way on Valentines Day

Feeling Unloved or Unpopular

Waiting For Marriage When Its So Far Away

The Pressure to be Romantic on V-Day

The Desire to Look at Porn and Mastrubate is Stronger around V-Day



So Your Kid Wants to Start Dating (Pt. 2)

Sex + Love: My Son/Daughter Wants to Date (Part 1)

Sex + Love: Setting a Good Example for Our Kids

Valentine’s Day Dangers for Your Kids

Dealing with a Lonely Daughter on Valentine’s Day

Help: My Daughter Bought Lingerie

Lingerie Ads: Your Kids are Looking. Now What?



Love + Sex = Feeling Lonely

Sex + Love = Creating Boundaries

SEX + LOVE = Demonstrating a Healthy Sexual Ethic to Children