Our theme for April was “Quotes”   If you missed any of the blogs around this theme, below is a compilation for the entire month of April .   We hope you have enjoyed these and that you will join us in this month where our theme for May is:  “Evolution”





Quote – Andy Warhol #2

Quote – Robertson Davies

Quote – Andy Warhol

Quote – Bertrand Russell

Quote – Shirley McClain

Quote – Lindsay Lohan

Quote – Rowan Williams

Quote – Malcom Muggeridge

Quote – Virginie Despentes

Quote: Quentin Crisp

Quote – Groucho Marx

Quote: Ron Jeremy



Quote – Marilyn Monroe

Quote – Virginie Despentes

Quote – Norman Mailer

Quote: Sophia Loren



Quote – Rowan Williams

Quote – Susan Sontag

Quote – Shirley McClain #2



Natalia Ginzburg Quote: “No adultery is bloodless.”

Marilyn Monroe Quote: “Being a Sex Symbol Is a Heavy Load to Carry…”

John Barrymore Quote: “Sex: The Thing That Takes up the Least Amount of Time and Causes the Most Amount of Trouble”

Bill Maher Quote: “Kids…There Has to Be Some Penalty for Sex.”

Virginie Despentes Quote: “Consuming More Porn Does Not Lead to More Sex…”

Mae West Quote: “Sex Is Emotion in Motion”

Steve Arterburn Quote: “You’re Sexually Pure When…”

Megan Fox Quote: “You’re Sold and It’s Based on Sex. But That’s Okay.”

Sheila Wray Gregoire Quote: “Porn Is Dangerous Because…”



Porn Takes Away…

Humming a Beethoven Symphony

“Jesus + Nothing is the Answer for Humanity”

“You Are No Match for Sin”

“It is Better To Light A Candle Than to Curse the Darkness”

A Woman’s Heart Should Be So Close to God…

“Drugs Are Not My Problem, Reality Is My Problem…”

“Sophistication Demands…”


“Pornography is a Parasite”

“You’re a product… but that’s okay”

Sex is a Bad Thing?!

Is Your Media Intake Full of Excuses?

Instant Sex

Is the Fantasy of Sex Better than the Reality?

Sex in the City Changed Everything for Me

“I Just Hate to Be a Thing”